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Main Principles to Surviving an EMP Attack

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An EMP is a burst of electromagnetic radiation. It would engage a nuclear missile being detonated above the location of the target, same to the experiments carried out during the cold war. The detonation will then proceed to discharge a strong radioactive aftershock. This differs from the physical shockwave caused by the explosion. The radioactive aftershock is wide engaging and may not necessarily be felt by the human body. Instead, it will attack and overpower all electronic equipment’s in a locality depending on the magnitude and firepower of the nuke. Almost all electronic devices will. Cease to operate immediately. All electric elements will short circuit and require maintenance. The world as we understand would come to a standstill. Below are among the principles for surviving an EMP attack.

You need to be ready for safeguarding your home against raiders and mobs. The enlightened community will quickly break down due to the EMP attack. The results of this are that the ordinary citizens will end up doing extremely desperate things to survive, and those whom you once knew as friends will turn to savages in a bid to sustain their families. This means that your home will be a target for attack by invaders and angry crowds trying to steal the supplies you have stocked. Thus, you ought to be ready with sophist aced weapons to safeguard your home from such attacks.

The suitable survival tactic is evasion. The excellent means to survive in a post EMP attack at, when it turns to security and personal protection is evasion. Instead of directly attacking someone and fighting them, the most suitable technique is to blend in and remain away from the trouble. While you need to be ready to fight and safeguard yourself and your family, it would rather be wise to hide before engaging in any fight.

You need to safeguard your electronic. The fact is al electronic equipment’s will immediately go off the moment there is an EMP attack at This will be the case for those electronics won’t be we’ll safeguard against the attack. You have built a Faraday cage for all your electronics devices through entirely sealing them in a metal container in a manner that they aren’t attached to the metal.

Be prepared for barter trade. , the money will no longer be worth after an EMP attack. Instead, the new means of the transaction will be the random though essential items around your house which we ignore daily. As the supply for the crucial element will be cut immediately, as you get low of the basic things, the only, means to get more is exchanging with someone who has it and offering them something else in return. See this video at for more insights about technology.